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Premium Sisal Woven Wall Art

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Also known as Agave Sisalina, is a strong, green spiky bush which flourishes in the sub-tropical climate of Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. The giant leaves of the Sisal Agave plant are the raw material for our Sisal Wall Art Collection. These leaves are then harvested and the mesophyll washed out. The fibers are then cleaned, washed and dried in the sun and finally finished, treated, spun and finally woven. Ideal for Wall decoration around your home, these come as a set of 3 unique pieces and is guaranteed to bring in texture and style in and around your living spaces.

Due to its handmade nature, this piece may vary in design and appearance


  • Size: 16" / 40cm


  • Sisal Plant

Care Instructions

  • Carefully dust with feather duster or soft cloth.