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Recycled PVC Range

Our baskets and planters are made from old PVC waterpipes, each individually handpicked and collected from landfills and construction sites. During the production phase, the pipes are exposed to heat which allows the flexibility to cut into strips. The strips are then neatly woven through a wire structure that gives the basket a strong and reinforced structure. With between 4-7 hours to make, coupled with attention to detail, it means the basket is uniquely handmade and finished with a solid and long-lasting structure that will require little to no maintenance for years to come.

Our PVC range feature a remarkable, stylish, resistant and durable design which is perfectly suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This quality basket and planter transforms a space, with its peculiar texture and warm colours, it brings an element of art and neutrality. The baskets and planters are water resistant, none-rustic and have a versatile storage functionality making it a multipurpose product. Due to the handmade nature of the PVC range; size and design may vary slightly in each basket.