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About Us


Mo’s Crib is a South African based eccentric home décor design company which specializes in manufacturing sustainable handmade décor items. At Mo’s Crib we are passionate about the sustainability of the environment and that is where we draw our inspiration. We produce high-end quality homeware and decorative pieces which is practical and timeless and is inspired by nature, cultural diversity and ethnicity that is cultivated around the globe.

Reducing waste, reusing and recycling resources is a valuable principle which drives us towards our goal of conserving the environment, but we don’t just stop there. Talent and creativity are synonymous to Mo’s Crib, we therefore breed and cultivate natural talent through 100% handmade products that are unique, exclusive and add an element of distinctiveness and creativity to any space in a home.

The “handmade in South Africa” principle is our way of preserving talent, creating jobs and reducing our carbon footprint, this also guarantees authenticity, style and thought to each product.